All This Time I've Felt Like Nothing

by Take Care

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Agent K(ahunasan)
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Agent K(ahunasan) Another excellent Pop-Punk band from Maryland.
All Time Low vocal harmonies support lead howler Tyler Hill's pleading vocals.
This is a little Emo tinged with a hint of old school DC hardcore chops musically.
Very compelling tunes.
11 trax for Name Your Price.
Steven Fisher
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Steven Fisher I think we can all relate to the idea of feeling like nothing, every painfully honest and heart wrenching lyric screamed out on this album makes it a must have for any pop punk fan. Favorite track: ...And I Really Can't Take It Back.
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released October 14, 2014

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Brambleton Sound by Sam Hillman
Additional Vocals on "Something Stable" by Christopher "Mikey" Kehr



all rights reserved


Take Care Frederick, Maryland

5 piece pop punk band from maryland

Matt Wilson - Guitar (@mattghf)
Spencer Cooper - Guitar
Adam Stone - Bass (@theaveragestone)
Daniel Macon - Drums (@danmaconbacon)
Tyler Hill - Vocals (@dingustyler)
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Track Name: 1/2/09
All this time I've felt like nothing
So thanks for reassuring me
I'm not what I'm cut out to be
I never meant to stand
Right in your wake

But you were the only thing that kept me sane

A feeling not so common to my brain

I've always been someone so easy to replace
Come what may
But I don't think I'll ever see the day
Where I learn from my mistakes
And lay to rest the ache
That eats away at me every single day
Track Name: Loiter
Against your better judgement
You stood up and walked away
Forcing fate to have its way and take my place
I'll bide my time instead
And let you loiter in my head
While continuing to disregard
Every word you've ever said
Track Name: Passing Phase
I've been locked out of your life for what feels like ages and I cant seem to put the words I have to say on a page in spite of recent events I hope you know why I've been crawling out of this hole I put myself in

I dug this early grave to bury my name
Under twisted words and constant shame
Let these thoughts conspire so the sun can set
And breathe new life into the time we used to spend

Caught up in thoughts like this
On nights where tired is a feeling that sleep can't fix and I'm so sick of waiting on rain to wash away the rest of the day we leave the feeling of guilt behind to watch me grieve so I can believe that force fed lies will cleanse my mind

Give me one look at your face
So I can clearly say that love is just a passing phase
We all get over
We've clearly worn it out
Its time to stop this here and now
So I don't fill this heart with doubt
Track Name: On My Own
It doesn't feel any different
You placed the blame on her
And left me defeated
Now all my strengths been depleted
I suppose I wasn't the one
That you needed
We're never facing the same way
On different paths
Because we couldn't find
The words to say
On that fateful day

Now you're acting
Like we've never met
When you were the one
Who woke and left
Out of the state
And on your merry way

It doesn't make any sense
You left the best part
Of your life behind
For the future tense
To make it seem like everything
Was all wrong
I'm not one to let go
But I'm not forcing you
To stay here anyway

But to think that I might find my way
Without a place to stay
And to think that I might learn to grow
Without your heart to call my home
Wishful but I think I'll make it on my own

Seven years
For what I thought
Would break the silence

But I was all wrong
You never even cared at all
You never could
Track Name: Something Stable
Beaten broken bruised and shattered bones
Are all I have to show to let you know
That I've let myself go
For what seems to be
The lack of inspiration
And a reason to breathe
Falling backwards in my worst attempt to clean up this mess
And loathing in my lack of forward progress

I've been Searching for something stable
That I'll never be able to find

Say what you want about the blood in my veins
I can cope with this pain
If it's worth all the wait

It's funny how all these things work out
Searching miles away
For things I haven't found
Humor every attempt
That I take to make amends
And tie up loose ends

I've was searching for something stable
Did that ever cross your mind
You've let this stop my breath for the last time
So bury me
And take what's mine
Track Name: Lessons Learned
Nothing has changed
Even if we're trading places in the picture were still in frame
So hard to rearrange
Life's finally catching up
And now I'm done

Maybe I'll find a way
To whip myself into shape
So I don't fade away
Lesson learned
Bridges burned
Tables turn
I don't see how I'll ever let this go

Not so long ago
There was a time in the prime of my life
Where I had so much room to grow
But I let that go

How many times will i have to try
To see the brighter side of what I need to find
Track Name: For What It's Worth
I tried to make amends
And settle for nothing less
Than what I was led to believe was a safe bet

She told me that we'd patch things up in the end
It's clearly written
In every single letter that sits beside my bed

Isn't it strange how the record plays
Repeating the same damn passing phase

I'd light a match and watch it burn your bridge a thousand times if it meant
I didn't find you plaguing every fibre of my mind
Keeping distance isn't easy
With this weight I carry every day
The only crutch I know that sealed my fate

For what it's worth
You buried all my trust
With guilt and grief

While walking out of my life to ease your twisted sense of feeling
Finding nothing close to common
With the burden in your heavy mind

For what it's worth
I'm losing every concept of sleep
I never would've thought it'd be so hard to watch you leave
For what it's worth
I wasted so much of my time
Chasing countless lies
Tying loose ends and mending severed ties
You're nowhere near a friend of mine

I've tried so hard to make amends
It's just another story where the ending is better left unsaid
Track Name: Stay
It's been a long time since we've locked eyes,
And shared a long drive home,
How will we ever know if we're meant to be alone?
It's hard to see with my head pointed down,
So if I see you around,
Lend me a hand and help me drown.

It always ended with my lack of better judgement,
But you weren't around to teach me how,
You didn't even make a sound,
I always asked you to stay.
But you left anyway,
I've been looking for shade,
But I'm stuck in the rain.
Which never meant anything,
To anyone at all.

I've tried a thousand times to let this go,
You and I both know I can't,
But I'd never let that show.

Maybe I'll just keep my distance,
It's better than hopeless persistence,
A bitter end to a worthless existence,
When you're left alone to feel what loss is.
Track Name: Come Home
Ever since I was young
Father told me son some day you'll be someone

I don't know why

Tell me why I always choke
On the painful words we should've spoke
Left alone so long ago
To find my own way home
Back to sleepless nights while barely breathing
Falling short of everything I've ever tried achieving

Tell mom
I won't come home tonight
I've failed too many times to get another try

But they said to just give it time
Cause I know one day you'll let me go

Take the best parts of these past five years
Lay them out in front of me
Choke me till I cease to breathe
Then I'll be gone
Instead of wasting every breath
On something useless that we never said
Which leaves me all alone to wait for hope and cut this rope
Track Name: ...And I Really Can't Take It Back
It couldn't get any worse
And it doesn't get much better
From what I have learned
About all of the ways that bend my life right out of shape

I've tried to keep sane
And that's the closest thing to feeling safe
And keeping pace with all this pain

Why am I waiting for change?
When I'm the only one who hasn't stayed the same

And It just goes to show
I never found my place to waste away
Or room to grow

Now it seems that there's no point in escaping
From the way that everyone and everything around here constricts my sense of guidance like smoke that fills your lungs

Looks like I'm at it again
Forced to replace the fate that stays inside of my head
Rather than live in regret
And leave the means of coping to a pen

Looks like I'm at it again
Searching for ways to make these days come to an end
Trying to move on and mend
Instead of becoming just another loose end

It's not like I don't have a place in my heart
For all the wait that it took to compensate and rebuild all the things I lacked
You know that if I could
I'd take it back

Pardon me
For wanting to feel like something's
Gonna change
Because it all seems to stay the same

All this time I've felt like nothing
No matter how much time it takes
I'll never learn from my mistakes
I've read every single line
And placed the blame on everybody's heart but mine
inside my fucking mind
Why can't I find what I won't deny